About Us

At A Care Healthcare we offer medical staffing solutions from daily assignments all the way to permanent placements across the entire United States. We host one of the strongest client provider relationships in the country. That means we have job opportunities Locum and/or Permanent assignments that other don’t offer.

Why is Medical Malpractice so important?

In today’s litigates society malpractice rates have escalated greatly effecting how physicians are able to care for patients. Our A Care executives have an extensive background in medical malpractice insurance. We utilize that knowledge in working with A-rated Am Best carriers that have purchased substantial re-insurance and have a track record of paying out claims, shall litigation occur. Our background in medical malpractice insurance makes us a staffing favorite for Physicians and Hospitals alike because the savings gets passed on to you!

We encourage Locums Tenens, Why?

The need for physicians and surgeons is growing at an average rate of 20% over the next few years. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is estimating that America will face a shortage of more than 90,000 doctors by 2020. With these staggering statistics in mind more Hospitals, Practices, Clinics, and Corporations are realizing the value of locum tenens, which opens up a lot of opportunities for you. Certain types of locum tenens assignments are better suited to you than others.

  • Direct Deposited compensation bi-weekly
  • Paid housing
  • Paid travel and local transportation
  • Paid malpractice coverage from an A-AM Best rated insurance carrier
  • Paid state licensing fees
  • Opportunity to impress hospital, our locum tenens physicians are consistently being approached with a permanent placement offer!
My goal is permanent placement!

Every Physician has a similar but yet different definition of achievement. Our consultants are the very best when it comes to understanding that each one of our physician may be looking for a job that is a little more tailer made for your personality. Currently there are over 420000 office based Physicians, 54000 Hospital appointed, 7000 Admin, 15000 Professor, and +30000 Resident. Let our consultants take the stress out of the job hunt by getting to know you and in doing so make the job hunt max compensatory & pleasurable.

Our Doctors

People that sacrifice countless hours in medical studies and acquire substantial school obligations typically have a mindset that they want to become doctors because they like to help people first and the financial reward will come naturally by providing top notch care. At A Care we have the same understanding of the medical world. We are a private owned company that quite simply puts the Doctors, not the investors first. That means our doctors have the best choice of assignments, back office support, and earn the highest payout structure in the business.

Our Hospitals

When we send a provider on assignment our hospitals can rest assure that our qualified provider will be credentialed, covered for malpractice insurance, and ready to perform their duties. We have streamlined the medical staffing process with superior customer service. That means our clients will benefit from our streamlined provider match system.